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Any app locker will work here, I never used any App Locker, but a friend suggested to use AppLock by DoMobile Lab in playstore.

Here is the link to their app:
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it doesn't work in Huawei... some time keep locked and some time...
@mudassar - thats because of processor overload , you can always protect "App Locker" App so it always run in background
where to save private data / pics so no one can access. News are going that nothing is secured stored in your phone or google drive?
Anything on the net is prone to such data privacy hacks , only data safe is data offline nothing else.Apart from that the news of Vault7 is bit over hyped . CIA had their tactics of hacking they weren't having all out access.. so Google Drive is fine .moreover its always good to ask a question for a new query rather then hijacking someones thread for best detailed answers and clearity
Data saved on google drive. To what extent is secure? Is it encrypted? or still there is chance of miss use by company or any other party?
Maybe my question looks foolish but its a question :) no limit of asking questions here? Right? :)

Ofcourse you can ask as many question as you want. Google Photos has a privacy policy which categorically states that they will not share your images with any 3rd party,but Google Terms of Service say otherwise.The data transmission is encrypted which means the uploading and downloading is secure but with that said you can not rule out the possibility of data violation.

What’s the risk?

You may wonder what the fuss is about anyway. So what if Google scans your photos to find out that you like to wear Nike trainers, and then uses that information to target a Nike ad at you? Photos actually has the potential to enhance Google Now considerably. The more Google learns about you, the more accurate and helpful its predictions or suggestions will be. Where’s the harm?

The risks here reach beyond a simple point of principle about personal privacy, though that will be reason enough for some people to avoid the service. Information can leak, or be stolen. Companies can share data behind our backs. Government agencies can snoop. Google can decide to leverage legal rights you’ve effectively already given it at any time. That doesn’t mean to say that it will ever happen, but you can’t rule it out.

Realistically, it comes down to trust. Do you trust Google?

Doesn't work....poor

Huawei has built in App Lock features you can give that a try aswell , as that won't utilize much of your extra memory.

Huawei Mate 8 builtin App Lock :

Step 1: Go to All Apps
Step 2: Phone Manager
Step 3: "App Lock"
Step 4: Setup a Password if you are using it for the first time.
Step 5: Go to "App Lock" Section and find the app which you want to lock, turn ON Lock on that App.
Step 6: Whenever you will open your Locked App it will show a password screen .

Huawei Mate 8 Applock Apps :

As shared App Locker is indeed one of the best app lock available . with custom error messages and all its the perfect solution: Install AppLock App
After AppLock i would like to suggest Privacy Knight , another App with great features . Install Privacy Knight 
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Great....Dr hack.....Love you.
Great app...
Thanks INDEED for all tech help n guideline.
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