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Hacking : how to be aware of website that it is of hacker ? symptoms ?
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Hello, I think you want to know how to identify malicious websites . As a Hackers website is not a bad thing , the website you are currently on is a Hackers website and we take pride in that but also take pride in helping people.However I will tell you how to identify a malicious website 

How to Identify a Malicious Website

1. Fake URL - Websites which try to trick users usually use spoofed URLS. as an example you might see something like facebook.somethingelse.com in the address bar , now in such a site you might be presented with a facebook login page but in reality its NOT a real Facebook URL.
2. Encryption -  All big websites including those of Banks and which require online transactions etc generally have their websites Encrypted with SSL , which means they should have a "https" in their domain URL showing "Secure" text next to a padlock. As you can see on our site it says the same , which means all data is encrypted even if you use public Internet or someone hacks into your WiFi they can not see what you are doing , even the government can not ;) .
3. Content - If a website forces you to fill out a "Survery" or download a program before you can download your actual program or read something you looking for , even in that case its a malicious website and it is going to install malware on your system
4. Pop UP Ads - If you open a site and click a link and it open ads along with it , again its a malicious website although Torrent Sites also have such ad structure even though they are not fake but due to their work they tend to have such ads.
5. Confusing Downloads - Ever visited a site where you do not understand where to hit the download button ? and there are so many download buttons that you get confused ? Such websites are also malicious and they will end up getting you installing malware on your computer
If you found a certain site , you may ask us about it and we will let you know in detail about it .
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