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Any idea what is the minimum amount to pay to Unlock an IPhone? Or any other possibility?
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Before I can answer, please tell me these things :

  • which is the iPhone Model
  • Which carrier the Phone is locked on

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Without knowing your iPhone model and carrier , i can only tell you a general price. Each carrier has a different price tag for unlocking some do it for free some charge a little fee.If you know the original owner name, your original lock carrier sim etc you are in luck and you can get it unlocked for FREE

How much it costs to Unlock iPhone

If you do not know the information mentioned above in that case you can use third party services to get it unlocked. You can get your iPhone unlocked also known as Carrier Unlock or Sim-Free for a very little fee of $12 - $24, which is peanuts.

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I have already transferred 5500 RS to someone found on OLX. Last weekend. And Now he is not picking my call not even responding. Looks a cheater. Let see.
If he does not respond a day or two more than I will ask you to proceed.
well you should always select authentic resources ...I have send you link in email as they are authentic folks in unlocking business
that site isn't offering Icloud unlocking...........
It doesn't have a Carrier Lock ? .. iCloud Unlocking is not offered by anyone .. because iCloud lock is on cell phones which are stolen etc



Lets assume you bought a second hand iPhone and some how it had an iCloud Lock. In that case you use a third party unlocking service which can help you in Unlocking your iCloud Lock.

Open iPhone IMEI and submit your unlocking request. it does cost around $56

How to Unlock iCloud Lock

Step 1 : Open site mentioned above
Step 2 : Select iPhone Model
Step 3 : Enter IMEI
Step 4 : Submit Request and finalize payment details

Your iPhone will be unlocked in 3 working days.

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I checked with an other guy who have tried this site. Ha said this site is a scammer..... sad

well , I can vouch for the site.. you will be in safe hands with the site.if you asked someone they may give you some alternatives you may use those aswell ..
need pay pal account or master card of any other country. Pakistan isn't in the list. I checked .
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