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RetroPie v4.2 and the Steam Controller (wireless)

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In this video, the steam controller is functioning and seems to be wireless. Alongside the video there's a post on

However, since the information is dated and RetroPie has gotten several updates since I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to go about this. My wife and I have two Steam Controllers and would love for them to function with the RetroPie. We have a Pi3 Model B.

The difference now is that RetroPie has an installation script for the Steam Controller library by ynsta -

That installs fine. But when trying to map the controller, after selecting xbox360 defaults, it says it's a keyboard. Furthermore, how do we use it wirelessly? Is that where the cron-stuff comes in from the blog post?

So, basically - installing latest RetroPie, grabbing the optional pack ynsta/steamcontroller what do we do from there to get it working wirelessly? Do we need the steam controller dongles somehow? Both of them? I'm stuck.


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sorry for the delay , I was jotting down a tut here but while doing so struck some real handy links which will get you started.Answer of few of your queries before you get going with reading on our setup

  • Yes you can use 2 Xbox wireless controllers with your RetroPie setup of RPI
  • You will need a USB Wireless Receiver (just 1 will be enough)
  • No, the built in WiFi and Bluetooth will not work with xbox 360 controllers, you can find many cheap wifi receivers (Donop Wireless Controller for Xbox , zettaguard and ofcourse the official Microsoft Original Piece )

Steam Wireless Controller with RetroPie

You may Check out this Setup Guide for bit of help which does exactly the thing you require. I would request you to give your RPI a fresh start with a clean install of retropie.
see quit ES, run sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/ , go to Manage Packages -> Core Packages -> emulationstation -> Configuration and chose the option Clear/Reset Emulation Station input configuration. Restart ES and from there on set up a new controller and all controllers should start to work as configured in games, too.
You can Watch this Video - Setting up RetroPie with Emulators and Video - Setting up Xbox Wireless Controllers ( *almost* same for steam controller)
- ynsta/steamcontroller is the required library which you say installs all fine , so i think it should be fine , even with mapping. the video will show you how to map keys.
let me know where stuck with error logs 
answered Apr 3 by Dr-Hack