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since bill gates stevejobs and mark are still successful,making it an appealing idea..
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Well, not a bad idea. lets evaluate

I'll start with the industry legends (sort of) which you mentioned here

Dropouts are Success Stories


Steve Jobs - Not everyone dropped out to start a great company the next day. Some people had no plan. Steve Jobs, for example. He dropped out because college was too expensive. Once he dropped out, he “dropped in’ on classes for free. This is how he learned about calligraphy, for example. Steve’s biological parents made his adoptive parents promise that Steve would graduate from college. It didn’t matter.

Bill Gates - Writes on his personal blog, "Although I dropped out of college and got lucky pursuing a career in software, getting a degree is a much surer path to success" . 

Mark Zuckerberg - Well he stole a great idea, was working for someone else and hooked up his own project so yeah .

All Dropouts are Rich and Famous

I'll let you find the answer to this , because you know the answer. More than 75% of students required to take remedial classes never graduate. Seventy percent of Americans will study at a 4-year college, but less than 2/3 will graduate. 30% of college freshman dropout after their first year.

How many college dropouts are millionaires

Just a little under a third (32%) of all of today's billionaires never got a college degree. In addition, three times as many billionaires have degrees in the Arts than billionaires who have degrees in Math, Finance or Science. This infographic will make it more interesting for you
So now you know what to pursue to become a billionaire ;)

Quality of Dropout Billionaires 

I'll highlight some of the qualities of the dropout rich boys 
  • They are all risk takers, they take risk with their life by not following the crowd.
  • They get rejected by their own loved ones but still they stay strong because of the believe they have in their aims and ambitions 
  • They adopt ideas and technology before it is streamline , bill gates was working on something before it was even used massively.
  • They invent (copy and invent or steal in case of mark but still they do)
  • "Risk" and more of that
I liked this question but hope you will make a good choice .Best of Luck ;)
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Thank you,really appreciate your help dr-hack!
Actually i feel like am trying to pursue too many things at once but in college they are limiting me,everything that seems interesting outside the college no longer fascinate me when becomes the part of curriculum,or maybe i need to identify the real passion and i guess should stay there for a safer and and surer path as you tried to convey :)
the same use to happen with me , the moment a certain programming language would become part of the curriculum i lose the interest. due to the same reason ,I use to study that language before it was taught to me so once its in the routine I am already done with it .. but try to keep your passion alive for the things you like, you figure out soon . best of luck
Yeah that's actually pretty gud idea to stay ahead and master things before being taught in college,thank you
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