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where i can find RATs safe for download (doesnt compromise my system at all) and which are best
secondly how to deliver them (mechanism tools techniques everything :-D)
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Remote Administration Tool a.k.a RAT are found all over the internet , but as they are illegal so you can not find them on very straight forward website. Due to the fact that they are not that easy to find , cracked versions of the same programs (Darkcomet , NJRat etc) are available but DO NOT INSTALL such nulled / cracked versions as with every program they are backdoored and might compromise your own system. Tutorial to install a RAT and how to setup a RAT will be explained here.

Where People buy RAT / Trojans

As I said internet is full with everything but we need to search a bit before we could get going .Please note that we do not promote anything illegal , but just answering your question of HOW to get a RAT?

there are many sites which offer such services where RAT Developers sell their code.Two of the most famous such sites are 

  • - a third party reseller site which offers good quality RATs and exploits etc
  • (HF) - HF is a community of hackers which has all sort of programs for buying and discussions aswell but always find a seller with good vouch before buying something 

Deliver a RAT / Trojan

I will write a detailed tutorial , and I will call our trojan Universal RAT for this guide.

  • Infect Victim :  You will need to infect your victim with the Universal RAT server, once the victim runs it you will have control on their system (windows / linux / ios )
  • Relation of DNS in RAT :    DNS ( Domain Name Server ) plays an important role between our IP Address and the Victim IP Address to transfer the data and if we use our IP address in the RAT server the RAT server will work and we will be able to hack the machine of a victim but we have Dynamic IP and the IP address changes with time so when our IP address will be changed and we will lose our connection. We use DNS because when victim computer will send the data, it will first send the data to DNS domain name sever and after DNS will be binded to our dynamic IP and even if our IP changes our DNS will reflect the change and we are still good to go. There are many free Dynamic DNS services but I have always used and will recommend
  • Port Forwarding for RAT :    TCP and UDP are two types of ports which are the backbone to setup a RAT server and we will have to forward both TCP and UDP protocol of same port to our machine which is done through the router interface.
  • UNPN and RAT :  Universal Plug and Play is a set of networking protocol that permit networked devices to send and receive data on any port which is being used and called by UNPN. If you have issue with standard TCP / UDP port forwarding another option is to setup a wildcard UNPN forward.

Setup No-IP for RAT

  • Open and click on Sign Up 
  • Fill up the form and chose free DNS 


Port Forwarding

Port forwarding might differ in your router a bit but you can find all the detail of forwarding from Port Forward as it is a great website and covers everything in detail , but the question is which port to forward ? Please note that you can not forward common ports already used by other services like Port 80 ,443,21 etc. You can forward a port range from 1337-1339 . I have always used 1337 ;)

TP-Link TL-WR741N Screenshot 3

You can use YouGetSignal or Can You See Me to check if your forward ports are working all fine

Set Ports in RAT

Once you have your port forwarded open "Socket" or "listening port" in Universal RAT and set the port you forwarded above ... 

thats about all with the basics of port forwarding but do keep in mind two important things, if you have a RAT which is detected by AV it is no good so you will need to make it FUD (Fully Undetectable) and that is achieved by using various Crypters which make your Trojan FUD. you can get those in the sites I mentioned above, you can also make your RAT FUD/ UD by Hexing but I think that won't be your cup of tea.

Have Fun and remember its illegal to break into other people system without their consent.

UnPN (No Port Forwarding Required)

I almost forgot to explain this

Many Routers are enabled with UNPN function if you use some Torrent Client like uTorrent it means , UnPN is active.

Open Universal RAT and go to "Socket" , " Incoming / Listening Port" and set any Port number, let say 1337. Keep your RAT open and open up uTorrent and click on Option > Preferences and type port 1337 in Listening Port 


After Clicking OK you have done Port forwarding using UNPN.

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