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How to hack Sql Server DBMS databases.

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I found some databases on a website which is under as:

web server operating system: Windows 8 or 2012
web application technology: ASP.NET, ASP, Microsoft IIS 8.0
back-end DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008
available databases [17]:
[*] Admission
[*] master
[*] model
[*] msdb
[*] OBJ
[*] Online-Admission
[*] Pictures
[*] Queries
[*] ReportServer
[*] ReportServerTempDB
[*] Rollnoslips
[*] tempdb
[*] Tutor_List
[*] Tutors
[*] UMC

Now i would like to know which database is connected to the webpage (

and how i will hack or edit the database, if i want to add a user in database.

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that query has already been answered by  --current-db switch in sqlmap or select db_name() query.

How to Hack a server through its DB a.k.a pwnage 

well , first of all edit your question and hide the website address as we do not promote unauthorized hacking (its baaad) 

as you shared a windows server , although you did not share the connected user but I assume its a SYSTEM account which means that it has admin rights on the server , so there is nothing hard now , is it ? 

just use --os-shell switch in sqlmap to get your self a command console , from there you can add a new user with admin rights , check if RDP is open .. if not open that or even spawn a PowerShell (refer to my powershell archive hacks and techniques ) 

–os-shell: SQLMap will try to get the operating system command shell by exploiting SQL injection

with the above you can wreak havoc

Play Safe

answered Jun 7 by Dr-Hack
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My question is still stand and not yet satisfactory answer sir.
commented Jul 17 by Dr-Hack
  • I told you about hash Encryption and decryption 
  • The login INFO you see in db is used to login to the web based login panel (if any,which usually is ). you login into a db using a DBMS. Admin Page on a site you can find with various already placed scripts in Information Gathering ,Profiling in Kali OS 
  • "How to Ping my Port" , "How to Open RDP" if you could only google the same lines, anyway what I said above was that you need to open RDP .. I am giving you guidance and telling you what you might need to do to achieve what you are trying to do 
commented 4 days ago by Zeeshan_Joyo
i hope you are not going to damage the web database you can directly upload web access shell through sqlmap if you have DBA,

DBA means he has admin/write privileges
./ -u,2,3 --current-user --is-dba
and it gives you current user is DBA 'True'

then you can upload web access shell through sqlmap.

and your answers are here

hash mostly used in sql errors are md5, sha and ntlm

if you have dabatase login & pass then you have to find admin panel for the site eg: admin, administrator etc etc,

if you want to open RDP it stands for remote desktop protocol if you go to search in your OS type there Remote Desktop protocol first I.P of server then login infos,
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no file such directory found.
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./ -u