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When will ethereum cross bitcoin price.
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Will Ethereum cross Bitcoin Price ?
When will Ethereum cross Bitcoin Price ?
By 2018

Logic :
First of all I have already set some investments in bitcoin and ether , ether has to grow and the rise is just start at the time of my writing Ether is at its record high 353.28 USD
And if you are following it ,it has been on a gradual rise ...

Due to various programming factors Bitcoin will come to a gradual halt before declining , the initial fall will be slow started by a Dip ...
Ethereum allowing Tokens and Contracts offer more opportunities even in terms of transaction speed .

So Ether Will be near 700USD by December , at that time people will see potential of Ether and start shifting to Ether and dump BTC in market ... Sudden price change and when ether will cross BTC ,BTC will be no more than half or less of its price ...
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thanks for quick answer
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