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Like no CLI and no location traces
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Short Answer "No"

Whats App is more into protecting your privacy which all these online apps tend to violate. BlackPhone is more Anti Google ... because it uses a custom tailored app structure doesn't allow backups and syncing with google...

Some of the BlackPhone 2 Features include:

Silent Phone: This lets users make private voice and video calls in HD clarity over a peer to-peer encrypted VoIP service.

Silent Text: Share unlimited encrypted texts and transfer files. Includes Burn functionality to destroy selected messages automatically.

Silent Contacts: Safeguards personal and business contacts by automatically encrypting the address book.

Silent Store: Installed on all Blackphone devices, the privacy-focused app store features apps from the developers vetted by Silent Circle.

Silent World: Silent World is an encrypted calling plan that lets users communicate privately with those who don't have Silent Phone.

Silent Manager: Silent Manager gives businesses a way to privately manage plans, users and devices with ease. 

Now if you see some of the features , its a Company known as Silent Circle which provides all these services and you can buy these services even without the phone , the beauty of this phone is that these apps are built right into the phone so saving the hassle and chances of a privacy leak . Theoretically yes the phone can not be traced but technically It can be. For example if i get your cell number and i am LEA i can trace your phone location . 

$10 dollars a month for all this is not worth it until you are really concerned about your privacy , you can get all these alternatives for FREE 

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