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When will edr rate up? When eill edr restarts its bonus giving ?

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I had invested in edr but now its rate is continuously down when will it up?
commented Jul 1 by Dr-Hack
you mean the E-Dinar Coin(EDR) or EDR Coin ( just want to be sure , before i give my input
commented Jul 2 by ayeshatahir642
I mean EDR coin (
commented Jul 2 by ayeshatahir642
reshown Jul 2 by ayeshatahir642
I want to ask u will it rise in the near future and furthermore, the company stops giving bonus and it is said generally that the company is running some maintainenance of all users therefore, it stops giving bonus.But am really confused about that if it is a matter of maintenance so why it takes too long time.Is there any other matter behind it? Or anything else.

1 Answer

so EDR Coin it is , I hope you have invested less in it .. all such cryptocurrency which gives bonuses and all are just to attract investors but that also mean that they do not have good backing structure (investments)

They did plan stopping maintenance eventually but as you said they are doing it early. The reason is simple that they are ripping people off.

I would suggest you pull out your money from EDR Coin and invest in some reliable Crypto (eth or ripple or such) and the current time is a good one to invest as most crypto is dipping down in graphs

EDR Coin can turn out to be a ponzi scheme.
answered Jul 2 by Dr-Hack