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I'm trying to install Kali Linux in VirtualBox, but when Hit Graphical Instal it comes up with the following error:

Unable to boot - Please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu Kali Linux Help

What I did:

  1. Download VirtualBox
  2. Download Kali Linux 64Bit
  3. Set up VirtualBox, 2GB Ram,Selected Debian 32Bit (As I read everywhere on the internet, people select Debian 32bit, Don't know if it is the issue or what) No virtual HDD
  4. Selected Kali ISO, Next, Graphical Install, and ERROR!
  5. Again, I downloaded Kali 32bit as I thought might be Debain 32 can be issue, Repeated the whole process and Same issue.

What should I do? indecision

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There could be a number of issues with that , but the most likely is you should go to your system BIOS and turn on Hardware Virtualization, it is generally required for majority VM environments .
And I would suggest that you use VMware ( rather thn VirtualBox , as VMware is more stable and faster in comparison to Virtual Box.

Let me know if this solves your issues, will explore more if not.

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Thanks. I downloaded Vmware Workstation Player and Installed linux there. It worked smoothly. Thank you #DrHack #Hackology #AskTechie
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