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Confirmed working onion sites
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which sort of onion sites you looking for /.?

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You did not ask for a specific site so maybe you can try a "ToR search engine " ?

ToR Search Engine

you can try https://ahmia.fi/ - for this you will need to be on ToR Node to search. For lazy people maybe you can give 

Hidden Wiki

You can try using http://thehiddenwiki.org/ to see a maintained and updated list of ToR sites.
hope it helps /?

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bro do tell me that all sites on hidden wiki are trusted or some of them are scam?
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its at your own risk .. you have to be the judge of that .. hidden wiki just lists the sites irrespective of their authenticity
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Thanks Buddy for Quick Support
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The uncensored hidden wiki with sites and with the info that wether the sites are down or working.
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Thanks Drhack for the help.
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