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So I have been using Facebook Instant Articles and thought its of no use , as it takes away all the website traffic and there is no return aswell ...So Here I will show you how to Turn off Instant Articles on Facebook.
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okey like to know

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Follow this easy step guide to turn off Instant Articles on Facebook. This tutorial is for those webmasters who have connected their website / blog for publishing articles as Instant Articles on Facebook 

Method to Turn OFF Instant Articles on Facebook

  1. Open your Facebook Page which publishes your Instant Articles on Facebook
  2. Click on Publishing Tools
  3. Find "Configuration" under the "Instant Articles" Heading and click it
  4. Click on "Connect your Site" to expand it and remove the URL of the website whose Instant Articles you want to stop publishing.
  5. When you will click the "x" it will ask your consent if you want to Unclaim the URL
  6. Click on "Unclaim" and you have successfully Stopped Instant Articles on Facebook for your Blog / URL
Thats is all and now you can uninstall "Facebook Instant Articles" plugin from Wordpress Blog if you have used that to set up IA of Facebook.
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