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There is an app on Google Play Store named "JYou". It is compatible with android 4.4 and above. This app is basically to connect your phone with smart watch (Fitness Watch).

Is there any way to make it compatible with Android 4.2 Version?
Or is there any other compatible app which i can install in my phone?

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Hi , 

4.2 really old now i would suggest you update to a newer Android version if your stock ROM is not supporting newer OS on your Android you may consider flashing a Custom ROM as custom ROMs support newer Android version even when official OTAs stop coming 

I will list apps below as I find which are known to work with ZeBlaze Muscle , hopefully I find some which supports Android 4.2

  • Fundo Bracelet - Android 4.3
  • JYou - Download an older version of JYou that might support 4.2
  • XWatch - You can download an older version or the one which has support for android 4.2 as XWatch also supports Zeblaze Muscle watch
Hope it helps
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I have already tried these apps but they do not provide a version compatible with Android 4.2, not even their oldest version. However, I have not tried updating my Android Version bcz mine is a Korean Cell phone And I was told by someone that if u will update your version, the phone will get locked.
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If you can share your Android Version and MObile Model , with current firmware ..so i can cfm you if it will be safe or not .. usually updating doesnt make android phones locked.. android is good cuz they can be unblocked
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LG G Flex with Android 4.2.2
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Kindly share the info as shown below
BASEBAND VERSION:    _________
KERNEL VERSION:    _________
BUILD NUMBER:            _________
SOFTWARE VERSION:    _________
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The phone is rooted.
I tried to upgrade my phone via LG PC Suite. It gives a msg of new software version available i.e. V40E, I tried to upgrade and it started downloading, but once the download was complete and the phone restarted, the firmware screen appeared and the updating process stuck at 0%
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Thats because you are doing a stock update and the phone is rooted, please unroot the phone (i.e uninstall SU or BusyBox ) and try updating your phone .
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Now, I have unrooted the phone. But still facing exactly the same problem.
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