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Microsoft drops a new version of Windows 10 called the Fall Creators Update. It’s packed to the brim with new features for everyday users and people who just like making cool stuff. Here's what you need to know before you click that big ol' update button.

How can i download and install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ?  I need windows 10 Fall Creators update for the new Android version of Microsoft Edge Preview

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The Fall Creators Update gives you a neat new Photos app for all your organization and editing needs. There’s a new feature called Story Remix that makes it a breeze to throw together a few pictures and video clips for those post-vacation slideshows. You can even mix in a song or two if you’re feeling fancy.

You’ve probably heard that you’ll need a crazy powerful rig to jump into VR. Not so with this new version of Windows. Microsoft is baking VR right into its operating system, and all you need is a compatible computer and a relatively-affordable headset, like this one from HP.

Microsoft's also making a big push for 3-D objects, starting with Paint 3D (pour one out for the OG). With the Creators Update, the new Mixed Reality Viewer can plug any 3-D object into the world around you, so you can see what your funky new cartoon character would look like strutting down the boulevard.

Not into 3-D pictures or VR? You should still update your computer, because in addition to the standard security fixes you’d get, there are some neat little things to sink your teeth into. Windows can now talk with your Android phone (if you use Microsoft Launcher) so you can start up that memo while you’re on the train, then finish it when you get to the office. There’s also a bunch of new features that make using your computer just a little bit easier to use. You can annotate eBooks in Edge, pin your favorite contacts and websites to your taskbar, and even get better protection from ransomware. You’ll also be able to customize your computer’s balance between performance and battery life based on your needs, and people with disabilities can use the new Eye Control feature to move the mouse just by looking around.

How To Install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

First, you need to make sure your computer’s geared up for that shiny new OS. It’ll need at least a 1 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM for the 32-bit version or 2GB for the 64-bit variant, and at least 16 GB of free storage for the 32-bit version and 20 GB for the 64-bit version. Oh, and don’t forget to backup your computer before getting started. Though, you’ll need a slightly beefier setup if you’re looking to try out all the new mixed reality stuff.

Once the update’s ready, you’ll get a notification to download and install it. 

Can't wait until then? Hop over to Microsoft’s website and download the Windows 10 Upgrade file.

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