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How can we mine electroneum on our laptops ?
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Is it worth it : would depend when ETN will hit more exchanges and purchases will start happening .. till now the blockchain is not fully operational and Richard is kind of fixing it
so i have started mining electroneum on the pc as mobile mining is still down. The question is i have my keys as PDF but how do i check my balance ?

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Mining Electroneum on Laptop

Although electroneum (ETN) was made so that people could mine it through mobiles using their official Mining App for Mobile but the launch delays and security breaches have made the impatient started mining using their Official Mining App for PC and other mining apps along with custom Mining Pools

How to Mine Electroneum

Note: Currently the blockexplorer is messed up so we can not see our wallet address and what all it is in it .. but we can still mine
  • Step 1  : Which ever method you may adopt below this one is important. Generating your Electroneum Wallet Address - Open and click on Offline Wallet (Currently the site is down and it happening since last few days therefore you wont be able to generate Electroneum Wallet using this method [another method below]
  • Step 2 : Once you have your wallet Download Official Miner
  • Step 3 : Install Miner and run it on your PC
  • Step 4 : Settings for Mining
    • Enter your Wallet address in "Your ETN Wallet Address:" .Please Ensure it does not have any spaces it would be something like this : etnkM66fZa3crgsQLqkk7ec4m71czG3UC8yNV24v2omfZGQmhnekCVtZFDbJo48inZ3wP81fsbvF4CmNBUe9VkPb31ocMP9ajh
    • Select your Pool Region , select which is closer to your location.
    • Select Low End CPU if you are using CPU mining.Select Mid Range or High Range if you are on GPU
    • Select number of threads you want to detail for mining.
    • Hash Rate is your system rate, Shares is your participation - shares vs ETN mined vary per time as per the difficulty 
    • Hit Start Mining - Accumulate and Enjoy

Mining Electroneum with HashParty

Hashparty mining pool is better as it shows the stats and also what you have earned, details are available on their website . but do not forget to select port as per your cpu/gpu  capability. Just Download CryptoNote Easy Miner and put the following details replace your Wallet address and start mining

Mining Pool Address:

Mining Ports 
Port: 3333 ( Description: Low end hardware)
Port: 5555 (Description: Mid range hardware)
Port: 7777 (Description: High end hardware)
Port: 8888 (Description: Nicehash etc.) 

ask if there is something else or you stuck

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so i have started mining electroneum on the pc as mobile mining is still down. The question is i have my keys as PDF but how do i check my balance ?
if you mining on hashparty .. just open and enter your ETN wallet it will tell you everything .. have fun
No im mining on the laptop through electroneum application. though i went to the asiapool where i was mining and i am able to see the balance, but on the eruopepool im not. maybe becuase the site is down.
yes there is some issue with europool , actually asia pool was also giving some when i mined on the stock miner , there was no stat check on the website but after reading your comment I saw and I checked balance and i could see my stat ( )

so same procedure is applicable for europool aswell
you can now check your balance on all three of the pools.
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