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So i have a spare Raspberry PI 3 which is doing nothing ,why not to put it to some task ?

I want to start mining cryptocurrency on Raspberry PI 3 , aim is not to use Rpi3 for controlling a mining rig or other ASIC miners BUT actually mine on the Raspberry Pi 3
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it is fun to have Raspberry PI 3 do some mining for us... but before I go down with the tutorial please note you won't be earning something significant , its more of a fun thing. in this tutorial I will be giving example of mining electroneum on Raspberry PI 3 but you can also follow the same tutorial to mine monero etc on Rpi3


How to Mine on Raspberry Pi 3

Carry on reading on how to setup your raspberry pi 3 to mine electroneum and/or other cryptocurrencies 

  • You need to have a bootable Raspberry PI 3 , you can install any of the official OS flavour provided in Raspberry website
  • Run these commands on your Raspberry Pi 3, line by line

If you are familiar with linux you will understand its nothing fancy here , we are just installing a bit of dependencies which are required by cpuminer-multi and after installing those we are just installing the script ( , ./configure) 

Syntax : 

./minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u etnkM66fZa3crgsQLqkk7ec4m71czG3UC8yNV24v2omfZGQmhnekCVtZFDbJo48inZ3wP81fsbvF4CmNBUe9VkPb31ocMP9ajh -p x -t 4

-a cryptonight : This is the crypto type
-o stratum+tcp:// : This is the pool and port number
-u etnkM66fZa3crgsQLqkk7ec4m71czG3UC8yNV24v2omfZGQmhnekCVtZFDbJo48inZ3wP81fsbvF4CmNBUe9VkPb31ocMP9ajh : My wallet
-p x : generally the password is same 
-t 4 : Number of threads, 4 because the RPi 3 is a 4 core processor

Auto Script for Mining on Rasbperry Pi 3

If you are lazy you can use this  which is a bash file to perform all the above steps automatically.

if you are even more lazy you can simply download minerd-multi and run "./minerd-multi --help" 

Hope you have fun mining on your Raspberry Pi 3

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p.s. I have achieved maximum Hash Rate of 18.00 H/sec on Raspberry Pi 3 which isn't that bad too
I get 0.00H/s using your wallet and pool? How did you get this working? It's like its using the wrong algorithm.
yes it does show 0.00H/S in the cli but see the stats on your mining pool you will get the hash rate visible there
I got it working using latest build of this:

On step "./configure --disable-assembly CFLAGS="-Ofast -march=native" --with-crypto --with-curl" I had to replace "-march=native" with "-mcpu=cortex-a53 -mfpu=neon-vfpv4"
great .. i will also see this and add in the update
does it show updates hash rate in the cli aswell ?
My pool is showing 0 H/s when doing the above and doing what honcho commented. Advise?
@aheathphoto - kindly tell your public wallet address and which pool you mining on .
the method i shared does show 0 h/s on cli but if you check on the stats page of your pool it will still be working
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