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Hello Techie,

I am looking for a keylogger that can deployed on a login page and save data in desired server  / location

P.S: It is only for educational purposes to see how things work.


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You can give Custom Fake Portal a try and mess around , basically you just need 3 odd files to make it work

FrontEnd - the actual web page which resembles another page but its yours (fake login screen)

Code Page - the php (mostly) code which will harvest the keys entered into the FrontEnd

Log File - mostly a text file where the typed keys are stored mostly a txt file but some prefer html files aswell for formatting 

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This is something we call phishing and this is not what I am looking for.

What I want to learn is that how to insert some code into the login page of any site (suppose I have a write access on that site) so victim gets login on their desired page and their credential sends my desired server.

Hoping for quick response.

Thanks anyway.
Oh ,
for that you will need to go through the code of the old login page and it wouldn't be difficult to add your logger .. but HOW to do that can only be shared after seeing the code.
you can share code on , depening upong the website deployment if they are using SSO it will be impossible  but if they using standard php login scenario . it wouldn't be an issue
p.s. if you have write access you can simply pull all the records as stored in Database
Thanks for prompt reply. Lets say it is same as custom fake portal or any standard php login so what will be the procedure for logging?
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