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No you can not buy Electroneum with a Credit Card payment. There is only a limited amount of Cryptos which you can buy through Cash / Credit / Debit those are BTC,ETH etc, for all other alts you will need to transfer your Crypto on to an exchange and exchange them into other crypto

Which Exchanges currently have Electroneum ? 

Currently there is only 1 exchange which is trading electroneum (ETN) and that is Cryptopia(R) so you will only be able to buy and sell electroneum from this exchange - currently no other exchange supports electroneum for active trades

Where to buy your Crypto ?

This question was already asked here and I also did a detailed post about it . 
Coinmama (as you shared have alot of users who never received their cryptos after paying)
apart from my favourite methods shared about you can try CoinBase or cex.io,Kraken,Gemini etc
Every exchange has its own advantages and drawbacks - just check the fee structure , and use any which I have shared. I find LBC useful as i can do direct bank transfers aswell and it provides Escrow for protection (win win)
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Yes, we can from Coinmama.com

i got my answer.
its good to use bit old and famous platforms
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