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I have offline paper wallet with some mined electroneum , how do i move them to cryptopia or any other exchange
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What if i do transfer normal 2.. Whats the difference ?

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To move elctroneum to any exchange or to Cryptopia , we will need to sync our wallets with block chain and use a CLI to do the transfer, just keep reading and follow the tutorial which I will try to keep simple but detailed.

How to Sync your Paper Wallet with the Blockchain

  • Download the Electroneum Direct Mining Software (under the direct mining Software heading on )
  • Open your Paper Wallet and Copy paste all 3 Keys (Public Wallet ,Private View ,Private Spend) of your Offline Wallet on a Notepad. (let say c:\Keys.txt)
  •  Extract ETN Direct Mining Software to C:\ETN (for easy reference) which you download above and open the Folder
  • open electroneumd.exe (C:\ETN\electroneumd.exe) and let it sync with the blockchain (let it complete)
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator and go to C:\ETN\ directory and type
    electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --generate-from-keys NewWalletName
  • In "Standard Address"  enter you Wallet Address (Public Wallet)
  • In "Secret Spend Key" enter your Private Spend Key
  • In "Secret View Key" enter your Private View Key
  • Enter a new Password (save it someplace)
  • Just hit enter or press 0 when you get the "Restore from  specific blockchain height" message
  • Wait for your wallet to sync with blockchain
  • Now you can use your Wallet to send your Electorneum to various exchanges(when they start supporting) including cryptopia

How to Check Balance of your Electroneum Offline Balance

Follow the above steps, when you are done syncing you will be prompted with the held balance  in green text with the transaction hash. once its done, it will show you the balance. to show the balance again, type: balance from the yellow prompt thats how you can check etn offline wallet balance

How to Transfer Electroneum to Exchanges

Now we have synced our wallet and its ready for transfer to any exchanges, in this tutorial I will show you how to go about about sending ETN to cryptopia (only exchange currently supporting ETN)

  • Login to Cryptopia 
  • Go to Deposit ( [Menu Next to your Profile]
  • Select Electroneum from drop down menu and hit Next
  • You will be presented with PaymentId and Cryptopia ETN Address , keep the window open as we need both these keys for our transaction
  • Open electroneum-wallet-cli.exe and type mainwallet and enter your password which you kept
  • Type
    transfer normal 1 <Cryptopia ETN Address> <Amount to Send> <PaymentId>

    "<Cryptopia ETN Address>" would be the address you got from crytopia website without the < > 
    "<Amount to Send>" would be the amount you plan sending to cryptopia
    "<PaymentId>" would be the PaymentId you got from cryptopia website
  • Hit Enter and enter Wallet Password and again press enter
  • You will be shown if there is any backlog just press enter or to proceed
  • Network fee prompt will also be given, again just hit enter or Y to proceed
  • You will be given Confirmation of Transaction

Your ETN will appear on Cryptopia in about 15-30 min 

Hope this helped 

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why move to cryptopia any particular reason/
@Hamba - currently only Cryptopia has listed ETN , so peopl move them for trading, some might want to sell their ETN after moving them to exchange
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