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Would you explain? how your ID was blocked? 

If it is blocked for violating some facebook TOS then you can get it back by sending them your NIC, there are many more ways to "fake" NIC if your ID wasn't on your real name.(but ofcourse one shouldn't do that as its not allowe)

What they require? 

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Photo
  3. Date of Birth

Get a PSD file for NIC creation and make a NIC or School card and send them, they take some time and will accept if it look real and matches their database.

Second: If it is blocked by reporting.

If somebody have reported some of your pictures or your ID, there are very less chances to get that ID back, because in that case they ask for security verification, your friend photo guessing which is of course a never ending process. 

Trick: Login your root email (email on which your facebook ID was created) facebook will give you some names to guess pictures, do it quickly, search the name in your inbox and you'll get the pictures, match name and picture and select it on verification window. repeat the process and you're good to go.

Ninja Tip: Use any proxy add-on which supports JAPAN IP. set the Japan proxy and login to your facebook ID at there they will ask you for mobile verification or date of birth, that's an easy process, put your DOB and you'll bypass the photo verification.

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