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1. How to start with crypto currency,  how to create an account and wallet etc ? trusted or verified websites?

2. How to do day trading and trusted exchanges for it?

3. Best forums to read articles or blogs about latest trends in crypto currency?

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This will be a long answer, i might divide it in various answers 

How to Start with Cryptocurrency

To start with crypto , see these basic rules and always follow them

These are the basic rules and you can ask if you do not understand something .

How to Create a Wallet / Account for CryptoCurrency

Your crypto wallet is just like your real wallet, it has an address where you can send your cryptocurrency and a private key which is like a key and that key is to be protected and kept safe (better if its offline)

  • For Bitcoin you can create a wallet by installing Exodus and for an online Wallet you can make an account on Coinbase through which you can buy BTC/ETH/LTC - a very famous and secure site allows you to buy crypto through credit card
  • MyEtherWallet is a good wallet which you can use to store your Ethers and all Ethereum based coins 
  • Procedure for creating wallets is simple, if you open the links shared above its very easy and self explanatory 

Trusted Verified Websites

If I do not list a certain site it does not mean its not trusted,I will just list few which I have used and can personally vouch for

  • LocalBitcoin - LBC is a good site for buying BTC through local bank transfers and provides escrow , this site can be used to buy BTC and after buying it is advised to shift them to your own Wallet etc
  • Cryptopia - Cryptopia is an online Exchange - if you are getting into crypto you will get familiar with exchagnes
  • Poloniex - Another good exchange which I use for Day trading
  • BTC-E - Online Exchange with easy interface
  • GDAX - Online Exchange owned by Coinbase , if you transfer your coinbase crypto to GDAX there are no transfer fee
  • CryptoCompare - My favourite site to analyse crypto price and compare different coins
  • CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph - News sites which cover all sorts of crypto news and emerging coin with their own analysis (do not always fall for that - they are at times biased / inclined)

How to do Day Trading 

The simple rule of day trading is that you sell when your held crypto is at a higher place and the currency you want to buy in exchange is not at a all time high (ATH), but always keep in mind different fee so trade when the profits are great but I would not recommend any sort of day trading for you now, buy some crypto and understand the concept

Best Forums / Exchanges related to Crypto Currency

I have shared those above already

Common Cryptocurrency Frauds and Safety

The most common crypto frauds involve 

  • stealing your private key through phishing
  • offering illegitimate services
  • offering illegitimate investment schemes

Any service you see which you find too good to be true , It aint - do not fall for such services. you can always consult others or even ask us for a coin review . Very legitimate names have siphoned of millions from crypto frenzy where people have been investing and losing all their money.Few practices which might keep you safe :

  • Do not act without thinking
  • Bookmark or navigate to your exchanges etc - Google results at time show fake sites above the original ones.
  • Do not overuse your private key - You can bookmark your wallet on block explorer if you feel like seeing your funds no need to all the time access your wallet with your private key
  • Advertisements are no go - Self explanatory 

Hope these answers get you started , for more clarity you may ask

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I have created account on coinbase on Localbitcoins. Now, what is the best place to buy ethereum or i should buy bitcoins from local bitcoin and then convert them to ethereum at any exchange?
Secondly what is nanno ledger ?
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generally you have to buy Bitcoin and later convert to other crypto coins through exchange, although on coinbase you can directly buy ETH as well .

Nanno Ledger is a hardware Wallet which stores alot of Coins in a usb type hardware wallet , it is THE MOST SECURE WAY OF KEEPING CRYPTOCURRENCY (if used the way intended)
nanno ledgers are used by people who have heavy investments to keep their longterm coins safe and secure
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Coinbase is not supporting buys/sell in pakistan ?
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nopes, list of supported countries by Coinbase :
Czech Republic
San Marino
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If we have btc on coinbase still we cant exchange to eth from Pakistan?
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you can in that case...
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