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1. How to start with crypto currency,  how to create an account and wallet etc ? trusted or verified websites?

2. How to do day trading and trusted exchanges for it?

3. Best forums to read articles or blogs about latest trends in crypto currency?
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Answer Updated on : 12 December 2023

This will be a long answer, I might divide it in various answers 

How to Start with Cryptocurrency

To start with crypto, see these basic rules and always follow them

How to Create a Wallet / Account for CryptoCurrency

Your crypto wallet is just like your real wallet, it has an address where you can send your cryptocurrency and a private key which is like a key and that key is to be protected and kept safe (better if its offline)

Selecting a wallet for your crypto asset is very important, if you have a massive investment in crypto it is best to make use of a hardware wallet as they give the ultimate protection.

You can use Mobile Wallets if you want to store your cryptocurrency for long term, but if you want to do "day trading" or want to frequently change your cryptocurrency you can always store them on an cryptocurrency Exchange

Recommended Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • Exodus - Exodus is a beautifully-designed wallet that supports multi-coin exchanges, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. It allows you to manage your keys, presents your investment in easy-to-understand charts and is totally customizable. Allows you to sync between your devices and is good for beginners, doesn't allow you to change Network fee and always uses a high transaction fee so your transactions are not stuck
  • Electrum - Electrum is available to download for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. It's a popular desktop software wallet, but it is also the most technical. If you are new to Bitcoin and crypto, this software might not be the right choice for you. he biggest advantage of software wallets — like Electrum — is the fee adjustment setting.

  • Trust Wallet - Fast, lightweight, recently purchased by Binance, ERC20 enabled, customizable fee, full control and access to private keys. Non-custodial, open source software. DApp friendly.

  • MyEtherWallet is a good wallet which you can use to store your Ethers and all Ethereum based coins / tokens.

Recommended Cryptocurrency Exchanges + Online Wallets

As explained earlier, for day traders and if you want to frequently change your crypto assets you may want to keep your crypto on online exchanges, let me list down the best one

  • Binance - A robust and very old crypto exchange, offers upcoming coins which at times other exchanges lack, IOTA / ADA and such promising coins can be traded on Binance alongwith all the famous ones. If you want to trade this is the go to place. Using this referral will give you 5% commission. Also added p2p trading platform to all buying and selling where credit cards etc are otherwise denied.
  • Poloniex - Another good exchange which I use for Day trading. You will get 10% refunded on your trades by using this referral link .
  • CoinMama - CoinMama allows you to directly by Bitcoin and Ethereum through Credit card or Cash.
  • KuCoin - KuCoin got the hits recently after Binnance/Bitfinex/Bitstamp all closed down new user registrations while cryptopia stopped working due to high traffic. A reasonable exchange with almost all the new coins to make your profits from.
  • - is a crypto exchange while it also supports buying/selling of cryptocurrency through debit or visa cards
  • Okx - OkX has made a name in the crypto world with it's ease of use and offering competitive trading rates.
  • Bisq -  Bisq is an open source program which allows buying and selling of cryptocurrency as well as trading of coins

Always read fee structure of all exchanges so you are not surprised after making various trades. Procedure for creating wallets or account is simple, if you open the links shared above then the procedure is simple. Online Exchanges have made it mandatory to carry out KYC(Know Your Customer) so it's always good to get your account verified.

Bank or Card purchasing may be restricted in your country due to legalization or other local laws, always confirm prior to buying through credit card.

Two-Factor Authentication

Always have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) its one of the most secure method ensuring your crypto on online exchanges stays safe , I have answered the details about Google Authenticator and Enabling 2FA which you may read 

P2P Platforms - Peer to Peer Exchanges

Peer to peer platforms allow you to buy directly from another seller or buyer on the website, while the website acts an escrow thus giving you the ease of mind while making a deal, some platforms which I have used personally and have a good standing are listed

  • Binance - Binance has introduced a $0 Fee p2p platform which is already very popular.
  • PaxFul – A global peer to peer payment logistics platform. Paxful is PayPal + Uber and the peoples Wall Street. Paxful provides escrow and has a strong userbase.
  • Remitano - Another peer to peer cryptocurrency buying/selling platform. which is slowly launching in more countries.

How to Get information about Cryptocurrency

Check out these coin listing websites if you want to explore the details of how the coin is performing and see past performance aswell.

  • CoinGecko - Coin / Exchange aggregator which shows price action and history of coin and exchanges
  • CoinMarketCap - Coin / Exchange aggregator which shows price action and history of coin and exchanges 

Crypto News Sites

  • Hackology Blog also covers crypto while CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph are News sites which cover all sorts of crypto news and emerging coin with their own analysis (do not always fall for that - they are at times biased / inclined)
  • Crypto Awaz App - A mobile app with a dedicated news section further divided in different sentiments (positive, negative or neutral)

How to do Day Trading 

Why don't you read out my Golden Rules of Trading ?

The simple rule of day trading is that you sell when your held crypto is at a higher place and the currency you want to buy in exchange is not at an all time high (ATH), but always keep in mind different fee so trade when the profits are great but I would not recommend any sort of day trading for you now, buy some crypto and understand the concept

Best Forums / Exchanges related to Crypto Currency

I have shared those above already

Common Cryptocurrency Frauds and Safety

The most common crypto frauds involve 

  • stealing your private key through phishing
  • offering illegitimate services
  • offering illegitimate investment schemes

Any service you see which you find too good to be true , It ain't - do not fall for such services. you can always consult others or even ask us for a coin review . Very legitimate names have siphoned of millions from crypto frenzy where people have been investing and losing all their money. Few practices which might keep you safe :

  • Do not act without thinking
  • Bookmark or navigate to your exchanges etc - Google results at time show fake sites above the original ones.
  • Do not overuse your private key - You can bookmark your wallet on block explorer if you feel like seeing your funds no need to all the time access your wallet with your private key
  • Advertisements are no go - Self explanatory 

Hope these answers get you started , for more clarity you may ask

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I have created account on coinbase on Localbitcoins. Now, what is the best place to buy ethereum or i should buy bitcoins from local bitcoin and then convert them to ethereum at any exchange?
Secondly what is nanno ledger ?
generally you have to buy Bitcoin and later convert to other crypto coins through exchange, although on coinbase you can directly buy ETH as well .

Nanno Ledger is a hardware Wallet which stores alot of Coins in a usb type hardware wallet , it is THE MOST SECURE WAY OF KEEPING CRYPTOCURRENCY (if used the way intended)
nanno ledgers are used by people who have heavy investments to keep their longterm coins safe and secure
Coinbase is not supporting buys/sell in pakistan ?
nopes, list of supported countries by Coinbase :
Czech Republic
San Marino
If we have btc on coinbase still we cant exchange to eth from Pakistan?
you can in that case...
"Don't store long term coins on exchange" what does this mean as I am new to this. How can we store it in exchange if we have a wallet for that?
Every exchange provides you with an online wallet , where you do not have control of your wallet as it is on exchange so for trading you need to hve your crypto on the exchange but if you dont want to trade you may just leave that inside your actual wallet
I have 2 accounts Coinbase and Blockchain wallets.

I have 5 exchanges Localbitcoin, Binance, Cryptopia, Coinexchange and Bittrex, can't trading .

Bankera i read and i invest that it.
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