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Hi there,

How can I hack my wife's whatsapp and emails, she has a Samsung and I have a iPhone, we both live in South Africa.


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Doesn't seem very ethical, as usual I will go ahead explaining assuming its for educational purposes only because what you asked is a nasty thing to do .


Hack WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Web - as you can get access to the mobile you can simply sign in to your laptop browser with the whatsapp web , that way you can open the whatsApp web version of the whatsapp when ever you want
  • Remotely Administrated Toolkit - a.k.a RAT , you can install some RAT on the android phone (AndroRat, JSocket ,Dj etc) and control and view the mobile remotely for getting whatsapp messages you will need to root the phone

Hack Emails

Same Techniques
  • Trojan - You can get many and infect the laptop of the email you can too , 
  • Keylogger - Install a keylogger to get the password and just login to the email using obtained password and see the emails

Thats all there is to it .. No one Click to Hack all program 


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For "educational purpose"
1)you can simply use multiple Google accounts on target phone,just add your google id in Settings>Add account,synchronise your acc with that of traget(which is already given) and you will have access to all the data through your account.
2)You might also consider to use spy apps.. many are out there,and those are simple to use.
But most importantly why do you think you need to hack her phone?
you dont trust her or you dont trust yourself enough to make a right decision while choosing your partner,and after hacking what if you really find somethin,would it make you feel better?or you would end the relationship,and what if you don't find anything at all?will you start trusting her,wonder where you will end up eventually
Whatever the reason you have got to hack her phone might be valid but there is no need to do it. Instead of hacking,or finding evidences for divorce consider to have a careful confrontation,if that doesn't work and you're not satisfied, just break up with her and get a better one,
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