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Dear team ,

I have a memory card want to recover the images of card, from the begining of time , can you suggest me some good software...
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Before I begin i would want you to go through these two points

  • Data Recovery is one of the most well paid profession - this implies that is not an easy task so the softwares we get paid and free will not give you very high rate of success.The amount of effort put into actual data recovery is INSANE involves so much effort that you will be amazed just see this infographic , you will get a fair idea about what I am tryin to say here.
    Data Recovery Indepth Procedure
  • Read this archive copy of our very famous old forum post done by Mukesh Sharma on How to Recover Deleted Files which would give you an idea about what happens to deleted files

Blog Guide : Ultimate Desperation : Recovering Deleted Files

Lets get going with your query

  • Recover Images from start of times -  Everytime you format or delete a file and write something new over it the chances of recovering the deleted data gets less. But let say I have 100 raw images and I deleted those and saved 50 raw images on my data drive , the chances of recovering are still high. But If i delete 100 and re-write 200 , the chances get bleak. This is valid while keeping the size of all the images same.
  • Software to Recover Data -  I'll list some verified and tested software which you take for a spin and get recovery of your data, please note during data recovery you will be presented with alot of gibberish and broken data it is part of data recovery , at times on image is recovered in 5 different files and all have partial image sections, again - this is part of data recovery.
    • R-Studio - If you had NTFS you should give R Studio demo a try it will let you know what all it can find 

    • GetDataBack - For FAT filesystem you can give GetDataBack a try and see .. 

    • Misc -  No single software will be able to recover everything you will need to mix and match a list of few other credible softwares are :

      • MiniTool

      • Wondershare Data Recovery

      •  M3 Data Recover

      • Recuva (very famous)

Hope it helps and you recover your lost data

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