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What you suggest bitcoin, is it a good time to invest.. or this bubble will blast soon...
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The month of December has seen Bitcoin go on an almost unprecedented run. At the end of November, the price of BTC broke through $10,000 barrier and many expected the price to pull back once the euphoria subsided. However, the complete opposite actually happened and the price of Bitcoin continued to increase and actually sped up its growth rate as the month of December progressed. After trading at a price of around $11,000 on December 3, the price of Bitcoin surged to over $18,000 just five days later.

Now if we go back in timeline we can very clearly see whenever bitcoin had a correction it crossed its previous All time High (ATH) and set a new ATH and it has been doing the same since forever.

So Is Bitcoin A Bubble ?

A bubble just like the ATM Bubble or the Mobile Bubble  , Bitcoin is a super bubble which will just not Burst , The bubble will not burst "naturally" but there are huge banks which are so threatened with BTC because it removes them from the equation and banks do not like that. so factors which they may try to enforce and make a pop

  • A sustained period of government crackdown which may result in the slow death of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general or at least push them underground reducing them to marginal mediums of exchange. Banks have tried playing this card before but it did not work but it does not mean they will not try it again but the fact the major firms are not investing into Bitcoin it shows that they have lost the nerve to fight with Crypto
  • A combination of adverse negative effects that could lead to investor panic and completely destabilize Bitcoin’s network effects. Bitcoin is still relatively young and volatile in nature, and as a result, it is still susceptible to massive swings in user confidence. In the event of a catastrophe, it’s possible for the price of Bitcoin to drop to just a small percentage of its current value. This will not burst the bubble aswell.

Currently the sustained long term price hike shows that it is here to stay and factors which might give it a perm place in our lifes

  • The mass adoption of blockchain technology and as a result blockchain based currencies. Bitcoin as the first and leading cryptocurrency has the ability to benefit from this adoption and establish itself worldwide. The adoption is already there as the total capital of Bitcoin is nothing but increasing
  • The need for an alternative asset class, the world is populated with differing economic systems and Bitcoin can become a universal store-of-value. Its unique characteristics would result in a much higher value in the future if it gains adoption as a true, universal digital asset. This hypothesis will take time to mature but It just might happen

The Current Price of Bitcoin indicates the Bubble has popped 

The current price of Bitcoin is around $ 13,800 which is a panic sell because of the launch of CME Bitcoins Future - Bitcoin Futures will list BTC as a trading pair in open exchange which will even increase the price of bitcoin and the increase will be not in single or two digits , its will beyond that.

Sum Up : This is the RIGHT time to buy bitcoin as the price is low and I do not see the bubble anywhere but I have always said about Cryptocurrency "Invest what you can afford losing" . Keep this in mind and you are good to go 

Buying Bitcoins : I have already shared many guides about what are safe practices while buying cryptocurrency and answered queries when people have asked , you may go through those or read this Guide : Safest way of Buying Bitcoin  , takes away the risks involved while buying crypto and user based fraud .

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