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There is a process that starts itself named wup even when I end it go to the file location delete it after some time it starts over again. It uses almost 60% of the cpu and sometimes even 100%.
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tell complete process name and complete file location
you started a similar question , so share details of the faulty process and did you follow the TIPS you were given in your OTHER question ????????

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Abnormally high CPU usage from wup.exe? 

How to remove wup.exe trojan coin miner?

The wup.exe process stands for a Trojan Horse invasion. It disrupts such digital currency as Bitcoin or Monero, and others. It uses infected computer’s resources. Of course, user has no clue about it, till bad consequences come out.

wup.exe leads to next symptoms:

  • The usage of CPU and graphics cards jumps up significantly via the wup.exe process.
  • Web browsing sessions goes not so fast as it used to be.
  • Time for programs’ launch grows.
  • Your PC performs badly.

Remove WUP.EXE Automatically

Use GridinSoft Anti Malware Remover to get rid of wup.exe miner or anyother malware if you have any.
The procedure is simple, just download,install and scan your PC with GridinSoft Anti Malware Remover and you should be clean and the process issue would be fixed aswell .
WUP.exe is a coin miner and such miners come when you get infected after downloading cracks or shady programs so always keep a good anti-virus
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What I did was just open the properties and deny all the permissions it worked fine for me.
well it is a decent temp fix, you should get rid of the software being the best bet
The software requires a key.
you can use any other SOUND malware remover .. there are paid and FREE both
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