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Question 1:

I used Electroneum's direct mining software, converted the offline wallet to client wallet file.

Synchronized with the block chain. And mined for about 24 hours in a row at 15 cores of E5 v3 and 15 cores of E5 v4 Processors.

After stopping the process at both servers, when i checked the balance it still said 0.00, even after refresh.

Why is that?

Question 2:

Using the Electroneum's Beginner's Pool Mining Application, there are only three available pools that are there by default. If i want to change the pool, what i am supposed to do ?

Also, should i be using yam miner or CPU Miner?

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Tried mining with Beginer's Pool Mining Software at 14 cores of E5 v4 Processor for 12 hours. Balance still says 0.00 even after the refresh command.

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Question 1

Electroneum Direct Mining Software - I would like you to share the syntax you are using and the response , a screenshot would be off help .
You do not have to run it for hours , the mining Pool URL you enter in your software also has results for example if you are using the Asia pool on electroneum your stats will be up the moment you start mining you can view them at :
so after you tell your response I will be able to answer you with more relevant answer

Question 2

Have you tried the GUI based Electroneum miner ? , after entering your ETN address and selecting number of cores and hitting Start Mining what was the response ?
If you want to use other mining pool you will need to go use the CLI based miners and CPU based miner which supports cryptonight will be able to mine ETN for you . you should have to enter the corresponding mining URL
for example if you mine ETN on mining pool your URL will be for mining 
Also read this where a user asked something similiar : How to Mine Electroneum and is it worth it ?
and you will be having good hashing power so enjoy mining 
Wolf's CPUMiner, YAM Miner, and Claymore's CPU Miner are all meant for CPU. Some work on more operating systems than others. You can use which ever you prefer
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Oh thanks, it says pending balance 3.75 ETN.
great, different pool has different payout limit on official pool the min payout is 20ETN so after 20etn you will be shown as paid ..
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