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I Planning to start a youtube channel so I want to now that is there anyway to increase youtube views. 

I have heard there are some bots that can keep increasing your view from different I.P's. 

Help me with some tools or website or someone who sells traffic on cheap rates. 

Like $2 for 1 lakh views. wink

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2 Answers

The best way to increase youtube views is to do SEO and work on interesting topics. Well, to be precise to your question if you're looking for some websites to get views. I would suggest ""

Try it, they're cheapest yet very qualitative.
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Ways to Increase Views on Youtube Video

  • Get people to view your videos
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Running promotions on various Social Media websites
  • You can use services like LinkCollider and Addmefast to get views on your Youtube videos
    Note: It is against the ToS of Youtube to use such services to get ads 
    Note 2 : If your videos are serving ads , be rest assured such sites will get your channel banned.If you want to run such services first disable ad on the video you putting on above sites
These are some ways which can allow you to increase your view count. Again be careful using such services as anything which gives you a fix view count against a standard fee is kind of against Youtube ToS. Be Safe
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