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What is Chmod 777 ?. I just moved my site from Windows Hosting to Linux, Confused in file permissions, I read on many websites and tutorials to change file permission to chmod 777 but didn't got them what exactly this permission does. Can anyone help me understand this file permission thing?

What does chmod 777 mean? & how to use it? 

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This is a very common query , where people need to know about CHMOD 777 and other Linux permissions and Classes, Read my blog post What is CHMOD 777 for detailed understanding about CHMOD

The article is pretty explaining and amazing, Thank you and recommended to everyone.
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0 – No permissions

1 – Execute

2 – Write

4 – Read

1+2 = 3 (exec + write)

2+4=6 (write + read)

and so on...

chmod 751 means...

7 is for user for which the file belongs (7 = 4 +2+1)

5 is for user group ( 5 = 4 + 1) so they can read and execute but not write

for rest of world it is 1 which means they can read it

Simple is that :)

Getting it now, Thank you.
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