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I am facing update balance issue continuously since 24th of Dec. I have not been paid a single penny.

Screenshot is attached.

Additional Snap

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can you kindly upload a higher resolution image , ? can not make out from the one you uploaded... you can even do so on
Updated question with new image.

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You are not alone, a bulk of people are facing this issue and most of these issues started near the Christmas / New Year Holidays .. It is weird that Electroneum Team goes on vacations and our offline wallets stop syncing with the online electroneum wallet manager.

Offline Electroneum Wallet not Importing to Electroneum Wallet Manager

One method reported by some people which worked is 
  • Change your PIN
  • Log out of 
  • Clear Cache
  • Sign In 
But the success rate was not very high even with this, give it a try it might work out.
P.S. This Issue is with Electroneum and has to be fully fixed at their end
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When going to the Pin Settings, only one text box is there to state your pin recovery email address, and continue so it can give you a confirmation link and then you can proceed further to account settings, i was hoping to see pin change request there but when i clicked the link in my email it is simply redirecting me to manage wallet page instead to of account settings page.

Can you please help so i can try to change my pin and see if that helps.
Enter your PIN recovery Email  (hope its not your main email )
and LOG out of your wallet manager
thn click the link sent in link
Also check your transaction if they are on the blockchain .. if they are NOT in that case just import again .. as i said its ETN network issue
Fist i was not getting paid. Still unpaid on the transactions, they are shown as Processing. Now the direct wallet address


ETN have not paid me anything despite of having 188 ETNs at the moment at this address.
Unpaid on the transaction  ?
you mean your offline paper wallet (address shared above) has 188 ETNs but its not getting imported to your wallet maanger ?

Did you resync your wallet with the blockchain ?
if so do that .. currently Electroneum Asia Pool is down due to high load ,so can not check

The high load can be the reason aswell for the blockchain to not work properly
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