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Dr Dr Hack.

I try to using my Raspi 2 and 3 for Electroneum mining, with you clue at : How to Mine on Raspberry PI 3.

The cpuminer-multi work, but it's display My Raspi didn"t support AES, Why when I saw video at youtube, it's works well. Should I change to another king single board comp? I have raspberry 2, 3 and Onion omega 2.




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Raspberry doesnt support AES-NI on stock , if you run this on your cli 

grep -m1 -o aes /proc/cpuinfo

If you see nothing it would mean it doesn't support AES ... and thats what it does.

Which video did you see ? maybe you can share that link so i can let you know whats going on there..


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The video is here Sir : https://youtu.be/f2KwG8P-YCE

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I could not see AES supported in the video you shared, as you said your miner is working so whats that you trying to do ?
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