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Recently read about Tasker profiles and their benefits. help me find some best tasker profiles and guide me on how I can utilize them to get more out of them.

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What is Tasker ?

Tasker automates your tasks without any requirement of programming skills , it allows everyone to make combinations and use built in design options to select everything we need.

12 Best Tasker Profiles For 2017

Let me share the Top 12 Tasker Profiles for 2017, these profiles will make your day to day routine easy and productive.

1. Screen On when using reading apps


This task triggers when you open any reading app such as Pocket or any other app you choose. Tasker will prevent the screen from going off once this task is active.

How To Enable Tasker Screen on Task:

  • Create new task (name it “Screen ON” etc).
  • Tap on “+” button, select “Display” and then “Display Timeout“.
  • Increase the limit to your desired level and save the task.
  • Go to “Profile” then tap the plus icon and select “Applications“.
  • Choose the applications for which you want to keep the screen on.

2. Music App opens when Headphones are inserted / connected


This tasker profile launches your music player when you plug in an earpiece.

How to  :

  • Create a new profile, select “State” and then “Hardware“. Choose “Headset plugged“.
  • Create new task, name it and select “launch application
  • Choose your favourite music app.
  • That's it next time you will insert your headphones it will open your music app.

4. Auto rotate screen for certain apps


Watching a video on YouTube or using your Office app is often best done in landscape mode. But like me you might also keep auto rotate off as its annoying. Tasker can toggle “Auto-rotate” on for you automatically once you open the app.

How To:

  • Create new profile, select application
  • Choose your desired app.
  • Create a New task and tap the “+” icon. Select “Display” then set “Display Autorotate” to ON.

5. Keep Android Lockscreen off in trusted locations


Its annoying to keep having to unlock your device when you’re at home or work and all by yourself. Setting up this task will toggle the lockscreen off when at connected to a trusted wifi connection (such as at home or work) and on when out. You will need the “Secure Settings Plugin” which you can grab from the Google Play Store.Please note that this is only for rooted android users and if you’re using a pattern. Although Nougat etc has such features builtin

How To:

Entry Task

  • create an entry task (name it “Lockscreen OFF“) and tap the “+” button.
  • Select “Plugin“, “Secure Settings” and “Root actions” that order. Set “Pattern lock OFF“.

Exit Task

  • create an entry task (name it “Lockscreen ON“) and tap the “+” button.
  • Select “Plugin“, “Secure Settings” and “Root actions” that order. Set “Pattern lock ON“.


  • Create new. Select “State“, “Net” and “Wi-Fi connected” in that order.
  • Enter the SSID of your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Link to the “Lockscreen OFF” Task.
  • Long press the profile and add an exit task. Select “Lockscreen ON“.

6. Battery saving mode when battery is low on your Android


Tasker can toggle to set a battery saver mode on (by turning off Wi-Fi, auto-sync etc).

How To:

  • Go to Profile, then State and select “Power“. Choose “Battery Level” and set the desired range (let’s say from 0-20).
  • Create new Task and tap the “+” icon. Select “Net” and turn Bluetooth off, auto sync off, Wi-Fi off and Mobile data off (if its available on your device).

7. Quiet Mode


Save battery and avoid unnecessary disturbance by turning WI-FI off and putting your phone in silent mode at night and back on again in the morning automatically.


  • Create a new profile and select time. Choose the desired time range (for example, from 00:00 – 06:30).
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  • Go to “Audio” then set Silent mode ON or vibrate.
  • Go to “Net” and turn auto sync OFF and Wi-Fi OFF.

8. Sleep Timer


Ever fallen asleep while listening to music only to find your music still playing when you wake up? Well, not anymore. Tasker can kill audio playback after a specific time.

How To :

  • Create new task and tap the “+” button. Go to “media” then “Media Controls” and select “Stop” under “cmd“. Choose the music app by pressing the square grid icon near the bottom right.
  • To trigger this action, we are going to utilize a built-in function in Tasker. Go to your widgets menu look for task timer. Drag the widget to your home screen.
  • Once there, it will prompt you to link it a task. Select the “Sleep Timer” task you created in the first step.

9. Auto Launch one App after another


Usually, I like to open my email app in the morning and then check out my site for a quick morning read. If you follow a similar pattern, you can automate the launching of one app after another with Tasker.

How To :

  • Create new profile. Go to “Applications” then select the first app.
  • Create new task and tap on the “+” icon. Select “App” then “Launch App“. Choose the app you want to launch after the first app is closed.
  • Lastly, long press the second app name and click the “move to exit” option.

10. Guest Mode Task


Disallow access to certain apps even if phone is unlocked and in someone hands, you can use Tasker to create a guest mode so you don’t need to worry about anyone looking through your private stuff. This task will redirect the app to your home screen instead of launching the application.

How To :

  • Create new profile. Go to “Applications” and select your private apps.
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon. Select “App” then “Go Home“.

11. Android App Locker


You can also lock your private apps with tasker. All you need to do is choose the apps you want to lock and then enter the pass code.

How To :

  • Create a new profile. Go to “Application” and select the apps you want to lock.
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” button. Go to “Display” then lock and enter the passcode. Once you launch the chosen app, it will prompt you to enter the code before you can use the app.

12. Emergency message before Phone Dies


With this Tasker Profile you can set it to send a message to a loved one when you have a low battery. This is useful for cases when you may not be reachable for a while and want to keep family and friends informed. Also if you often travel alot its good to let your family know before your phone dies

How To:

  • Create a new profile. Go to to “State” then “Power“. Choose “Battery Level” and set between 0 and 5%.
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon. Go to “Phone” then “Send SMS“. Enter the phone number and message.
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