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I research on these coins i.e Capital Crypto Coin and Digitex Coin and found it little bit good for investment. I want to know you lr precious advice on these coins. :)
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Crypto Capital

  • Crypto Capital is not a Coin / Token rather it is an off-shore company based off panama which always crediting fiat to crypto through their limited crypto supported exchanges.
  • The business is indeed registered in Panama but again we have all seen offshore companies being run in Panama with no real owner details.
  • Crypto Capital also has no Team or CEO details attached with their portfolio , there are no whereabouts of their Team or who owns the business on their website or elsewhere.
  • I wouldn't consider using their services ... Its better to stick to other mentioned exchanges or use escrow based services.
  • Exchanges listed on Crypto Capital website are indeed supported as lists on their Help Centre: What is Crypto Capital Payment Method
  • What does Crypto Capital Do : To sum it up , You make an account on Crypto Capital and send your fiat into that account , once your money is in that account you can use the same with supported exchanges to buy crypto. The same procedure in reverser can be used to send your money back to crypto capital account in fiat from there you can withdraw
  • Are they Legit :  Crypto Capital is working for half a decade now but users have shared reports where they have had issues with "missing funds" and lack of actual telephone support. Although after hue and cry funds are released but the fact that there are No Owner Details, Panama based Business , No Telephone support  I will stay away from it .

Digitex Coin

Digitex Coin (DGTX) a coin which got sold in minutes for 7 million USD is part of Digitex exchange which is a commission-free, trustless futures exchange for trading digital currency prices.
  • Team : Digitex Exchange has an actual team (yup some tokens have none aswell ). Their CEO / Founder is Adam Todd who has no prior development history but is known for his Betting Trading and is a long Crypto investor . Apart from the long list of advisors and UI designers they have 2 team members which are actual developers , one is Yuri Hideaki and PlataformatecPlataformatec is a software developing company which is core developer of the Exchange. 
  • Social Presence : Digitex has a Bitcoin Talk thread which isnt much active nor there has been negative reviews in great scale. Good questions have been asked by users on Digitex Reddit Sub which can help you in finding out the reliability of the coin. Users have complained that they have been banned out from the official Telegram Group but again that doesn't tell anything solid
  • Website : A decent website - has been designed which covers everything required to know about the ICO and the future exchange, the Whitepaper is available on the website
  • Roadmap :  The exchange will come online by end of 2018 before that time there wont be a change of price of the Coin.
  • Whitepaper : As per the whitepaper the value of coin greatly depends on the success of their Exchange but as the exchange also focus on small traders it might gather success which will allow the coin to gain price as demand will increase 
    Digitex Whitepaper ICO
  • Is it a SCAM : After what I have read , this doesnt seem like a scam as they have shared alot about the identities , people behind the project. Scams generally don't do that. BUT if it was a fraud activity, Exchange can pull something OFF . DGTX Is required to trade on their futures exchange while all trade is done in BTC/ETH/LTC - USD pair . so you send your money to them and get DGTX and all your profits are calculated in DGTX. This is risky as trading in BTC is safe bet because everyone knows BTC is something reliable
  •  Where to Buy DGTX : The ICO is over and currently you can not buy the coin unless it is listed on some exchanges.
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