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Hey Cyptoman!

So I hear good things about ICONOMI from my friends but I don't quite understand it, wondering if it is something worth spending money for long-term holding. What is your opinion about it?

Thanks for your help!

Keep up!
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ICONOMI - is a digital asset management system with a similar feature like e-Toro.


What is ICONOMI and how it works can be learned on their website . I will explain it in simple words : The ICONOMI Digital Assets Management Platform is where Digital Asset Arrays  (DAA) managers and investors meet. 
DAA managers try out their winning digital assets management strategies and share them with the community. Investors (which you will be becoming) choose between various DAAs and invest their digital assets into those they find most promising. Good performance builds the DAA manager's reputation and attracts new investors, who get access to proven expertise and results in return. This way investors don't have to worry about trading aspects and they just enjoy the returns. 

Is it Worth Investing ICONOMI DAA ?

Yes , if you see their profit returns, just this week their overall profits are at 17.5% , while the total monthly returns are at about -3% but we also know how brutal the correction / dip was for the crypto world ... so even with a 40% + decline of bitcoin ICONOMI managed with a lose of just 3% . It means the traders who will be handling your assets to give you profit 'know their shit'
But with every digital asset management system the question is always : Is ICONOMI trust worthy ? What if they just run away with all the assets ? to answer these we will need to look into various factors :
  • Team : A Legit team with "actual" people, who are known in the industry and have a history. makes it a credible bet. Also makes their platform to stay.
  • Website : Although their website domain is set to expire in 37 Days which is odd because such reputed businesses should be careful but apart from this their website is covers everything in details , has a comprehensive help centre with a DAA Dashboard which shows your assets as well as blockchain portfolio of weekly and monthly trend line as per their platform traders
  • Insured Assets : ICONOMI is in talks to get their Assets insured which will be a great advantage. Although there are no updates about it .
  • Transparent : Since their launch in 2016, ICONOMI is very transparent with their financial report that adds credibility to the system. you can see the Financial Report of 2017 Q4 
In short , investing with ICONOMI will be "profitable" . As with every cryptocurrency / digital asset invest what you can afford to loss but make your investing more profitable by diversifying in your trading crypto type
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