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I am willing to invest in KIN coin for long term point of view. Atleast for couple of years but confused on its reliability. Looking forward for your expert advice.
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KIN Coin from Kin Foundation ( )  is a decent bet, although it has time before it might actually take off , because their selection of digital services to join KIN Eco System is planned in Q1 2018 , so that might be the time when the price hike will take place. But it was launched in early 2017 , so you are still in time 

There is some potential because of their KiK Chatting Platform which is already active and running.

As its a PoS based blockchain , it will get people to invest because of the KIN Reward Engine.

What is Kin Rewards Engine

The Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) is a built-in incentive mechanism of the Kin ecosystem, paying out daily rewards to creators based on usage of digital services that utilise Kin. 60% of the total Kin supply has been dedicated to the KRE, with a planned emission of 0.061% of the remaining reserves each day after launching in Q3 2018. Of the newly issued Kin, 75% will be used as rewards and the remaining 25% as a marketing and operations budget for the Kin Foundation. The amount of Kin that a service is rewarded will depend on its contribution to the overall economy.The amount set as rewards is pretty decent also indicates that the company is serious about it.

When to buy KIN Coin

Now will be a decent time to buy KIN Coin as the price is at its organic place and has not seen a dump, and the price will hike as they announce their digital service integration , which is due any time now .

KIN Coin might not be giving you instant results and get you to moon or you buy a lambo , but with actual utility of this coin the potential is high

Where to buy KIN Coin

Thats the sore point here, KIN Coin is currently not traded on any of the famous or credible exchanges , the exchanges which list KIN Coin as of now are EtherDelta, Bancor, IDEX,, ERC dEX, COSS, Mercatox and  Coinfalcon

Hope this helps and crypto safe

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