4G Router" Make and type i.e Company and Model etc ..so i can give you some details about how...">
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How do I open a listening port for Internet when I am behind series of routers not controlled by me?

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I am using ZOng dongle and i am unable to open listening port to public internet.

What i suppose is that there are lot of LAN routers between me and public network which are dropping incoming connections.

I have tried port fwd to my laptop but no use.
a screen shot of my traceroute and public can be found at http://pasteboard.co/EbsbsLt53.png

Can i use VPN or any other solution. Basically i want to test metasploit and setup LHOST

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Before I begin i would like to know the "4G Router" Make and type i.e Company and Model etc ..so i can give you some details about how to go about it 

As per the other LAN addresses you shared , those are the ones which are alloted to devices when it leaves your computer


as you can see in the above image , every network has such WAN IPs nor its anything to be worried about , 

let me know your 4G Device details so i may start helping

answered Mar 5 by Dr-Hack
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thanks for the answer.

My model is huawei e8372h-153

im sending u screenshots of configuration

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sorry for the delay , answered your queries..

Thanks for the images , it helped.

You Router does support Port Forwarding.To Enable Port Forwarding Trying the following

STEP 1 : Download and Install No-ip DUC Client, and create a Dynamic update domain (which you can get for free)

Step 2 : Go to your Virtual Server tab and enter your IP and Port,also enter other ports which you want to forward (if you plan running XAMPP,you should enable all ports 21,443,80  etc). Also add a Port "1337", because its a free port and it will let you better judge if the issue is in your settings or with some specific ports which you trying to forward i.e. port 80. Apply Settings and you are good to go. 

Note:  Its a good idea to bind your computer mac and alot it a static LAN IP , because if you don't do that you will need to change it every time your Local IP lease expires 

Step 3 : Now let the No-IP Duc Client run on your machine and test port forwarding, I have 2 good services through which you can check that , if you had Linux you could simply open any port using the Net Cat listen on port (nc PORT -l ) but you have a Web Server installed so you can check few servers manually .Check Port Forwarding Using : 

Let me know where you stuck so we go forward from here
answered Mar 10 by Dr-Hack