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Some one hacked our website and used our email IDs. Can we check the hacker from? We did have two email IDs used for forwarding our emails.
and how to secure now so we can avoid same happening in future?
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Yes , you can trace depending how good are your in OSInt (Open Source Intelligence) , you should consider :

  • When you say your website has been hacked , you should see your server access LOGS , as it will show the IP addresses of the hackers. It will give you a fair idea as to from which city / country they were from. If hackers used a VPN , it wont be possible in that case
  • Email addresses can be used to trace them out using OSInt , search against their available public data as at times it reveals alot of important information.
You can hire someone to do a Website Security Audit. I am not sure what is your skill set level so i may guide you in same manner : Basic rule is use products which has a following , if you making a blog use Wordpress. do not used nulled /premium-hacked plugins and themes they mostly have backdoors etc
I can perform a security audit if you are interested ,  contact me through the given form on
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Yes, Hacking isn't my field. Guy who is managing our web said its normal and happened to most of the companies here in Sialkot. That's all....
And then he told us next day he has moved your site to VPS and its save now
I have more trust in you that you will guide the best way. Have contacted on the form to do a security audit.
What is the purpose of the account in picture
I'll look into it and will contact further through email.
Moving to vps doesn't mean that it's more secure.
But can't commit until I see it myself
yes do check.  Thanks
for some reason didnt get any info through contact (could be a fault at my end)

can you kindly email >> admin [at] drhack [dot] net
its okay. have sent email too
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