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I want to send bulk mail on around 10 Million records, presently I am using Sendy for the same, But I tried sending mails and most of the mails are going in SPAM.

So I want to Ask

1) How to hit Inbox in Bulk Mailing.

2) Is there any other low pricing bulk mailing services like Sendy.

3) For testing my mail we have a website -, but its too costly to go with, is something similar to it. which is free or charge on basis of per mail.

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2 Answers

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sendy is a good option ,the reason it goes to spam is because of your own server if you use the self hosted option ...what you need to get is a dedicated server whose IP is not blacklisted ...and configure it properly ...

Sendgrid is another decent option for such things may need to first do hit and try to see what suites you

As the other answer say mail chimp is the best buy , because you are using emails it gets you alot of sales this investing isn't a bad option if you are serious about it ..

For my Weekly Newsletter I use Revresponse ,which doesn't allow importing unless you have their subscribed time (so when I planned using this service I contacted them and they imported the 80K registered members list on the system manually ) ..I just send newsletter of my blog post updates

You can share your experience and concerns I can look for a service or review it as per your needs
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I am using the server of amazon itself. As per my stats I have checked all the things, and they are in properly configure, But still mails are in spam.
share with me the mail server details (mx record .. IP and are you using standard email format ? ( unsubscribe + location of your business in footer ? ) ?
mx -->      0  ip
mx -->     0  ip
Blacklisted on UCEPROTECTL1
go through : 11 Reasons why your Email is going to SPAM :

hope this helps
Can this be white listed ????
in short : No
various smaller blacklists are made using the famous ones .. once a flagged server would result insuch spam mails and wont be healthy for your email business
So more question, Advance Thanks for help

1) If I change the Ip & My domain from earlier Ip remain Same, will again my mails will be in SPAM.
2) If I change the IP, from where I can check there Status , whether it is black Listed
3) Presently I am using hosting of Amazon. Is there any other cheap option available.
Can you now check the IP -
1. if you use a clean IP / domain your emails will not go to spam
2.  MX Toolbox , SORBS and DNSBL Information etc
3. There are many but i would suggest using a dedicated mailing solution like mail chimp etc for your needs

i have shared the lists you may run the IP against the given sites
Where have you shared the list????
MX Toolbox , SORBS and DNSBL Information
To send bulk emails you get two options

1: Black Hat Method

2: Services

To talk about Black hat Methods, actually you'll have to run a mailer script on any server and put all of your emails there, it will send the message in bulk to all, (Test different servers to make sure your email hits the inbox).

the Second method is to go for any paid service, MailChimp is one of the famous, cheapest and relaible mailing service i would recommend.
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