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Like i have written u via PM, i need an fully working acces to ss7 protocol.

Do you know how to get this as an private security researcher like me?

Company like BICS and Syniverse does they offer to an fair price this service to privat entinites?

Do you have  succesfully experience with that on your own?

let me know.

Iam willing to pay for any succesfully help with get me access to it im willing to pay fair

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1 Answer

They offer to anyone who pays not categorically ask for SS7 , get a package which has sigtran included that's what you are looking for

No rebate or anything for security researchers's just one deal
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It was not as easy as you think.
The provider decline me request because I cant offer an " ir.21 doc" and a reason why I need this.(It looks my reasons was not enough)
Can u help me what do to better in my situation or where to get the full information?
inbox the provider you were going with , i'll see to it
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