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Assalam u Alaikum i invested in Neoterium coin without much crypto knowledge it was expected to list on coinmarketcap on 5th may but it asnt registered yet could you guide me if it is a scam or not ?

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Delays in being listed on an exchange are natural and can not be used to refer a coin as SCAM

Neoterium Coin a Scam ?

I wont be analysing this coin in the detail as I have done for many in the past because I do not find it worthy of all that effort, I went through their website and Bitcointalk Announcement ..
After reading their vision and what they promised I can tell you with confident that this coin is a SCAM , because by no way it can achieve what they promise in their mandate. If a coin can not do that how good is that coin ? 
The coin might even get listed eventually on some exchanges but that wont make it any good. Exchanges charge a certain fee and a working blockchain to list a coin and as this is ERC20 Token (based on ethereum) there is no science in this coin.
As stated on their website they say " Neoterium will solve the problems of volatility that have been faced by other cryptocurrencies and regulations that have been a major stumbling block for its adoption" while not explaining how exactly it will solve the problem of volatility because they have no such intentions .
Hope you didn't invest much ? Hope you can get out of it if the price recovers and you cover your loss. In future you can always ask before making your investment and please note a recent study shows 90% ICO die after 4 months of their Launch.
Happy Investing
thank you Sir
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