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Last night I uninstalled few apps which I did not needed and cleared some space on the screen. 

This morning, I woke up to 2 Apps which I did not knew about, were installed in my mobile.

I don't even know about those apps neither I need them.

The question is, is Huawei doing some kinda scam? Isn't it a security risk? What if they give their some phishy app full permission and access my cam, data, calls and location?


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Well Huawei has a history of doing nasty business, and I wouldn't be be surprised that they will be pushing apps , in your case you noticed two apps one is "Lord Mobiles" and other " Wego Flights & Hotels

Before we could blame Huawei , You will need to ensure that your android account is secured ...

Android Apps installing Automatically 

  • Uncheck Installation from unknown sources - This would ensure apps outside google play do not get installed 

  • Change Google Password - Very important to find the culprit, if for some reason your play account was accessed it would get rid of that 

  • Disable Automatic Restore - Just so we could find the defaulter app

  • Restrict Background Data \

First do these steps and uninstall the apps you showed above , after that tell us if the apps got reinstalled or not . Huawei wouldn't install such petty apps :D 
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