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I want to connect a speaker which is already connected to a device.

Is there any way by which we can forcely connect to it? Like it will disconnect the current connected device and connect mine.

The speaker is of Audionic company and model is Mega series

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The standard force pairing mode on most bluetooth devices is generally pressing and holding the power button which initiates the force pair mode of the device...

I googled the Audionic Mega Series bluetooth devices for a force pair mode , even in the User Guide there is no mention of force pair..

As per the device you can try the following methods

  • Press and Hold the Standby / Input mode on the speakers
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth (BLU) button on the remote
  • Press / Hold the "Reset" button on the remote
That should initiate the bluetooth pairing , if there are any lights on the device it should change to give you an indication. let me know if that doesnt work can explore more options
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