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I am reaching you with a reference of a dear friend. I am having hard time bypassing fortinet web filter which filters all traffic from gateway. I am unable to bypass it. I had to access youtube to download courses but no luck. I have tried playing with vpns, browser extensions and even tor browser but all in vain. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Generally to bypass such filters we look around a loophole somewhere , and as you said you have already tried VPN and ToR ..I will suggest you options apart from these, I am assuming your aim is to mainly open Youtube , so lets gets on with it 

  • Alternate Domains - You can try websites like etc , If this site is opening it means you can open alternatives aswell 
  • VPN , Non-PPTP - Have you tried decent VPNs like OpenVPN and ? They deploy more methods to get you going 
  • SSH Tunnel - This is not a simple step but it works everywhere, You can setup an SSH Tunnel from your networked machine to your own machine which is unfiltered and tunnel all your data in and out using that SSH Tunnel ...
  • Chrome Extensions - Have you tried Chrome Extensions ? at times they tend to slip away , UltraSurf is such one extension which might bypass the fortinet web filter

Moreover which sort of filters are going on ? like does it strip away your "ssl browsing" for better monitoring of traffic or not ? 

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Thanks for the response.
1. Yes  ytinstant page opens up. But it doesnt entirely loads. Sticks on the loading part
2. Yes tried these. No luck there
3. I have no idea at all about SSH Tunneling. I would love a video tutorial but my youtube is already blocked haha
4. zenmate ultrasurf and hola.. no luck there as well

Fortinet is basically blocking almost all of the apps on android devices as well. I couldn't even play a game. And no i dont think its stripping away ssl certificates. It just redirects me to a page with the fortinet warning ... sample image of such warning message is below:
youtube is filled with these videos , just search for SSH Tunnel to bypass filter ..or SSH Tunnel for browsing on windows (or whatever OS you use )
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