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My torrent download speed is slow as zero and the file does not download even the net speed is maximum. I use atorrent for downloading torrent files on andriod through wifi. I think my brother has something to do with it. He might have altered net setting.
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Before I can answer , I need to know few things
1. Which internet you using
2. Do you have access to router settings page
3. Same results on laptop ?
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I'm using 4Mb Broadband PTCL. I tried on PC but still my torrent download speed was zero yet my net speed was maximum. I may have access to router setting.

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To check what the issue is , we will be using a PC

Lets change the Client

To pinpoint the issue we will need to change the client and see what happens , Kindly download and Install https://www.tixati.com/ Torrent Client. After that find a decent torrent file which is has a decent seeders, and tell us what happens ? you can try to disable DHT and try and again turn on DHT , in case nothing happens, share your Event Log (you can screenshot and share the image or upload it on paste.drhack.net )

Torrents Blocked through Router

as per your question, the chances of torrents being blocked through your DSL Router is also a possibility.
If you can tell me which Router you are using ? because stock DSL Routers do not support blocking of Torrents as almost all clients these days use random ports and you can not block them all ...
  • Login to your Router admin page / etc
  • Go to Advanced Setup > NAT > Virtual Servers [ can you see any ports forwarded here ? let me know ]
  •  Again , Advanced Setup > NAT > Port Triggering and add 27106 and select TCP/UP in all boxes
Let me know what happens, there are so many routers that i can not tell you exact settings ..if its feasible I can do a Teamviewer session and look at the settings myself
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