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My torrent download speed is slow as zero and the file does not download even the net speed is maximum. I use atorrent for downloading torrent files on andriod through wifi. I think my brother has something to do with it. He might have altered net setting.
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Before I can answer , I need to know few things
1. Which internet you using
2. Do you have access to router settings page
3. Same results on laptop ?
I'm using 4Mb Broadband PTCL. I tried on PC but still my torrent download speed was zero yet my net speed was maximum. I may have access to router setting.

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To check what the issue is , we will be using a PC

Lets change the Client

To pinpoint the issue we will need to change the client and see what happens , Kindly download and Install Torrent Client. After that find a decent torrent file which is has a decent seeders, and tell us what happens ? you can try to disable DHT and try and again turn on DHT , in case nothing happens, share your Event Log (you can screenshot and share the image or upload it on )

Torrents Blocked through Router

as per your question, the chances of torrents being blocked through your DSL Router is also a possibility.

If you can tell me which Router you are using ? because stock DSL Routers do not support blocking of Torrents as almost all clients these days use random ports and you can not block them all ...

  • Login to your Router admin page / etc
  • Go to Advanced Setup > NAT > Virtual Servers [ can you see any ports forwarded here ? let me know ]
  •  Again , Advanced Setup > NAT > Port Triggering and add 27106 and select TCP/UP in all boxes

Change DNS Server to Allow Torrents

At times ISP only place a DNS level block , so changing the DNS server might allow you to continue with your torrents with the added advantage of better privacy of your browsing, You may use the following Free DNS servers :
  • Cloudflare : -
  • Google : -
  • Open DNS : |

You can change the DNS by going through the properties of your Network Connections, see detailed steps below :

  • Windows: Go to Network Device and right-click > Click Properties > IPv4 Properties, and then change the DNS servers and click OK.
  • macOS: Go to System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS, and add the new DNS servers, and click OK.
  • Linux: Click the Network applet > Edit Connections > Edit > IPv4 Settings > Automatic (DHCP) addresses only > DNS Servers, and add each new address separated by a comma.

This would allow you to access many sites blocked by your ISP

Use Port 80 for Torrents

If you are certain that your Torrent ports are blocked, there is a way around this block but it is bit slower. Port 80 is default port for all your web traffic and it can not be blocked by any ISP so you can force your Torrent Client to use that but please note that torrent downloading might get slow on port 80.
Go to the Torrent application’s network preferences, and uncheck “Random Ports” first. Then set Port 80 as the port, and test to make sure it works. Finally, uncheck the boxes for UPnP and NAT-PMP, this should resolve your issue.

Get a VPN 

If you are totally screwed by your ISP and everything you have tried above doesn't work you are better off shifting to a VPN , now a free vpn will give you very limited downloading on torrents (if at all they do) you can buy a paid vpn as it will always come in handy.

Let me know if something works

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