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This phone has always had issues with root and even more there is a huge vacuum in the custom ROM development , as everyone asked me about a custom rom and i couldnt find them one .. :/

How to Root Honor Holly 2 Plus

You will need to download and install the following 
  • ADB Installer 1.4.2
  • Handset_WinDriver_1.00.00.31
  • Driver Auto Installer_v1.1236.00
  • iRoot
You will get the same versions if you search.After installing the above programs try following these steps 
Step 1 : Connect phone via USB
Step 2 : Bring down the notification panel and click on the USB icon
Step 3 : Enable USB Debugging and select storage as connect method. (Do not select MTP, Camera or CD Drive mode)
Step 4 : After selecting storage mode "Do not tap" on "Mount the storage as USB" button which is at the bottom of the screen. This will result in a read only sd card and you wont be able to root
Step 5 : Open the iRoot App and let it detect your phone. Make sure you have an active internet connection, so that it can download the drivers and install them automatically.
Step 6 : After that the iRoot will install 3 Chinese apps on your phone. Do not do anything with it, let it complete on its own. (Its MediaTek Root exploit - required to work )
Step 7 : Once its done you will see a Green Root button. Tap it.
Step 8 : Make sure the phone is fully charged. Any interruption after you click the Root button in iRoot can make your phone brick. So take precaution please.
Step 9 : Wait for 2 mins or little more. The phone will restart after the process is completed. You can see the ongoing status on iRoot itself.
Step 10 : After successful completion you will see a screen on iRoot app on your computer screen which will say "Root Success" . Congrats , your Honor Holly 2 Plus has been rooted.
Step 11 :Download SuperSU App from Play Store and install. Open SuperSU, the Chinese app will pop up so as to grant SuperSU root permissions or not, remember to tap the button at the "RIGHT side" in the Chinese app which would mean a YES.
**Optional** Step 12 : Download Root Cleaner and uninstall all the Chinese apps from your phone, you do not need them anymore.
Step 13 : Update your SuperSU binaries and reboot the phone. 
Due to less development you might face some issues , if so let me know so we go about solving it for good .
Wish you luck
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