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I have seen several post in which people refering each other to IQ. The msg says thay IQ is developed by ex paypal guys. !!

So is it real or some another scan in making?
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Let me break down your questions and list the answers

  • Initiative Q is developed by ex Paypal Guys - Saar Wilf,who founded Initiated Q also founded Fraud Sciences, which he sold to PayPal when it was part of eBay. So NO its not ex PayPal Guys
  • Is it Real or another Scam in Making - Its a Scam , maybe not. should you invest ? probably Not again.
  • Initiative Q and IQ - Initiative Q and IQOption are not same projects and are not interlinked. people mentioning IQ are actually talking about IQ Option 

Is Initiative Q a Scam ?

To understand this , I will need to make few things clear so it may be easy for you to make a decision

  • Unrealistic Price Estimation - Initiative Q has valued their 1 Q to be 1 USD which is unrealistic
  • Not Cryptocurrency - uptill now Initiative Q's currency 'Q' is not a Cryptocurrency and it will not be built on any blockchain
  • New Payment System - 'The Q payment network will integrate the best technological improvements that have been made in the payment industry over the last few decades to create a flexible, easy-to-use and inexpensive payment network' , do we need another payment system ? why will it be adopted by others ?
  • Centralized Database - It will have a centralized Database, RIGHT
  • Data Mining - Initiative Q is currently collecting user Emails and Names, which might be a security and privacy Hazard.
  • Initiative Q Scam - It might not be a SCAM but there is no reason to get involved in such a project which is not clear how it will proceed.

I hope this will help you, feel free to ask any more queries

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