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Is there way i can get a good amount of Facebook likes on my post and quick ?

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There are many artifical ways through which you can get likes on your posts etc , but all such techniques are considered illegal by Facebook ToS and i have seen many accounts which frequently utilize such techniques to get temporary ban or blocked etc.

People still use many services out there, i'll list a few

  • AddMeFast - this service is a mutual like service , you view and like pages of other people and earn points and with those credits you get to add your own posts and you will get the same likes . This service doesn't put any negative ranking on your Facebook Profile but still against FB policies.
  • Auto Liker - This is a unique concept but if used for frequently might get your account a ban from Facebook. Auto Liker asks you to allow an Facebook Application and share the secret token of that App , this token allows the website script to automatically on your behalf even without your interaction. So let say some guy is trying to win a Valentine's Day Competition and plans to get some likes, after opting for Auto Liker he will get clicks from all those who have authorized this site and shared the secret token with the website. 
    • If someone plans to use this i would suggest not to use your main account test it out with a secondary account 
    • It does pose a privacy risk aswell
    • There are many websites which you can find on Here , a few noticeable are 
      • auto-bot.me
      • postliker.net
      • 4liker.com
Apart from this friends can be a source of many likes .. 

and how do you revoke access to the token after your need is done ?
Simply go to > https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications and find that app and Hit "Remove"
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